Micro 850 Modbus mapping. not all tags coming through

I have successfully connected and mapped modbus address from a Allen bradley Micro850.
The issue that i am having is not all mapped tags are being carried over. i have 40001 to 40026 Reals that i have mapped. ( see pic) when i set it up in Ignition i am only getting (12) of the tags coming through. "Subscribed" as soon as i subscribe to the 13th tag they all get bad quality tag.

I have been able to map and use in the design editor of the tags that come through.
but not the rest of the tags i want to use.

how do i get a larger amount of "Real""Float" tags to come through?

Controls Engineer.

Have you tried scrolling the OPC browser down farther?

Your screenshot is cut off, no reason to think anything else is wrong…

yes i have. When i Read a tag over tag (valve) 11. it becomes bad and null.

Then if i try to subscribe to it.. all tags become bad.

Check the Ignition Gateway logs for errors.

With Modbus this usually means the slave/server doesn’t think there is data at all the registers you are requesting.

And again with the screenshots… your CCW screenshot only shows 11 valves mapped. Are there more? You defined 25 on the Ignition side.

is there a better way to set this up?
it's literally connected to the the Ignition PC. on the same gateway address. no other slaves or middle man pc or PLC.

Thanks. for your input. i will start a service ticket for my issue.

You're mixing up the underlying Modbus addresses and the purpose of the start/end in the mapping.

It looks like you should start/end at 0/12 or 1/13 (it's superficial, just determines display name and tag count).

Forget the Ignition Modbus mapping page exists. Manually create OPC tags using the syntax described in the manual. This way you know exactly how many tags you have and exactly what Modbus address they are at.


Might be time to mark it deprecated.

I wish...

i really appreciate your help. I will give these ideas a try.
I will let you know if these work.

thanks again,

So typing a direct OPC Item Path in the designer (tag editor) did seem to help with some of the tags but not all.

Still working to see what i can do with the other tags.

thanks again for your help.