Micro820 Modbus mapping

Hi all, I am trying to connect Allen Bradley Micro820 to my ignition with Modbus TCP
Do you know how I can Config Modbus mapping
I have 4 digital input and 4 digital output in the device nothing else

would you please help if you can?

You don’t have to use the map…

I don’t suppose the micro820 shows the modbus equivalent in its ladder editor…

youll have to map the plc tags to ingition tags using an opc path


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Here’s a great place to start - Modbus

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If your are just trying to get the PLC “Tags” into Ignition, I can recommend another easy and efficient way to get that job done.

By using a Maple Systems MQTT Gateway at a cost of $390.00 USD. you can directly communicate with Ignition. If you setup Sparkplug B it works flawlessly!

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Yes its work thanks