Micro820 PLC IO Tag Data to Ignition Issue

Hi, I have a Micro820 PLC connected on our college network. I can read that it is connected (via MODBUS TCP) and read its IP Address, but I can't read or see any IO Data or Tags. Can anyone help or offer advice on setup? Thanks.

I believe you can setup the "Tags" through Modbus also, but it is cumbersome. I did this a few years back and it worked just fine.

Now, I run a small "Node-Red" package on a Raspberry Pi 4 B that publishes all my Micro820 Global Tags to my Ignition Mqtt Broker (Cirrus Link). I am only publishings about 80 tags at the moment without any problems.

I have not worked on the subscribe part of the program yet.

You might check with @pturmel as he is much more involed with Ignition than I am.

But since Ignition can run "Python" there is a module "pycomm3" that you can create a script that will communicate directly with the AB Micro820, that is what I am using with Node-Red.

Just some Ideas, hope this helps.

My driver with support for the Micro8xx family is in alpha now, will be going to public beta soon. No modbus mappings required for controller tags that are primitive types and arrays of primitive types. (Basically, the tags that are exposed in RSLinx Classic.)

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