Micrologix 1400 Series B Weirdness

Hi Guys,

I have a Micrologix 1400 Series B hooked up to Ignition 7.6.6 and can browse most of the tags without issue.

The weirdness comes with an N25 datafile. I can browse and view the data using the Ignition OPC quick client but I get ‘Bad Quality’ when viewing inside of the designer as an SQL tag… Either manually creating or drag and drop from OPC Browser has the same results.

N26 datafile works without issue and has the same configuration.

I must be missing something??? :scratch:

Any ideas appreciated…



Crisis is over…

I found that I had a tag that was referencing a register that was outside the range on the data file. This caused the whole data file to have bad quality instead of just that one tag.

Learn something new everyday