Micrologix 1400 Strange Behavior

I have a Micro 1400 connected to Ignition 7.6.6. I developed my code in the office without experiencing this strange problem.

I have communication timers setup to monitor the connection quality of 6 remote PLC’s. I have a numeric control writing directly to the _PRE of the timer and a numeric display reading directly from the _ACC. Both connections to the tags are bi-directional.

When I was on the customer site yesterday installing the new SCADA system, I noticed the _ACC value was appearing in my _PRE tag in Ignition. I opened my developer, browsed to an unused timer in my OPC tree, dropped the _PRE and _ACC in my project tag tree. I then wrote a value in the unused timer _ACC in my PLC and it appeared in the _PRE value in Ignition.

I then found other odd things happening to BOOL tags. I would press a Reset button and I would see another tag for a disable command trigger.

I called Tech support and they suggested using 7.6.7 since there seems to be a fix to Micrologix issues.

Has anyone else experienced these issues in versions later then 7.6.7?