Micrologix 1400 Tag Bad Quality [Solved]

I attempted to establish a connection to MicroLogix 1400. I can browse the tags in the PLC usign the designer and Quick Client. But I only get bad data from the PLC. The PLC is password protected. I can see the PLC from my machine and see values using RSLinx. One intersting thing is the connection to this PLC states: versus Conneced Protocol :EIP for all my other 1400’s.

Ignition Version: 7.9.10 (b2018112821)
Allen-Bradley Driver : 4.9.10 (b2018112813)
OPC-UA : 4.9.10 (b2018112813)

When I use the Quick Client for a tag here is what I get:

Screen Shot of the Log File:

Try setting the connection path on the device

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