MicroLogix Driver Error

I added a MircoLogix PLC to Ignition recently and have been getting a driver error every half hour. Has anyone experienced this before or have any thoughts on what would be causing it? Watching the device, it disconnects then immediately reconnects at the same time as this error. It is the same error each time.

A connection reset means something (outside Ignition/Java) deliberately broke the connection. Is there a firewall between Ignition and this device?

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Not as far as I know, I’m connecting to a 40 other PLC’s going through the same switches. Their all Control Logix, Compact Logix and Omron though. This is the only MicroLogix and the only one giving connection resets.

We’ve had issues with MicroLogix quite a bit. There is another post here about PCCC Protocol Issues which setting the connection path to 1,0 in the advanced properties of the device solves that problem.

We ran into another issue with the logger getting flooded with transport errors:

While these were different than the PCCC Protocol issue we tried setting the connection path to 1,0 and it seemed to solve the problem. Maybe that could help here? Just throwing darts… Hope it helps.

I appreciate it and wish that would do it but I had to do that when I set it up originally. It ran into the issue where it would get stuck browsing and I saw the manual mention setting that. Everything else is set to default settings. I’m not sure what the Zero TNS Connection is so I haven’t touched it.

It wasn’t a firewall but it was external to Ignition. Apparently I’m doing little enough with this PLC right now that the PLC has it timeout based on inactivity every 30 minutes. Or at least thats what I’m assuming based on the ethernet channel settings in the PLC.

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I had the same errors until I made tags from the OPC items from that device. ML 1100