Micrologix1400 Modbus connection

Hi everyone.
I’m trying to connect Micrologix1400 ser B controller to Ignition using Modbus TCP driver.

I have configured the channel 1 in PLC to a correct IP address and enabled Modbus. In Modbus TCP configuration I have defined a file for the holding registers and left the default port 502.

In Ignition, I’ve added a Modbus TCP device, gave it a name and IP address. However, after saving new device, Ignition can’t connect to it. Device’s status is changing between “Connecting” and “Disconnected”.

When I reconfigure the channel in Micrologix not to use Modbus, with all other settings left the same, I can connect to the Micrologix using the Micrologix driver in Ignition. Sadly, for this application I must use Modbus.

I would kindly ask for advice regarding this.

have you used a modbus master software like modbus poll to test and see if you can poll the micrologix outside of using ignition? also, if I remember correctly, after saving the program to the 1400 with the modbus enabled, you need to cycle power for the modbus setting to take effect.

Yes, you remember very much correctly. After downloading program to controller and restarting the controller, Modbus is operational.
I guess I should’ve remembered the basic tech support: “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” :blush:

Thank you for your help. :thumb_left: