MicroLogix1400 Tags as Null

Greetings everyone,

I am quite new to Ignition, installed it only a few hours ago been playing with the trial. Trying to understand if its fits for the purpose of a project currently following. So far so good, pretty easy and powerful.

Ignition Version 8.0.8

I trying to set up basic testing, I want to read tags from a MicroLogix1400 PLC.

  1. Added the Micrologix1400 on the Ignition Gateway - status reported as "Connected: Protocol EIP
  2. Ignition Designer - browsed for device - I/O Tags.
  3. Add them to the tags list to be monitored.
  4. The I/O Tags report the following error: “[null, Bad, Tue Feb 18 09:55:37 AEDT 2020 (1581980137862)]”

I checked with the AB SW and other SW that I could connect and read those tags. Can reach the PLC, and it’s on RUN.
Notice that the I/O Tags are coming as short, tried to change the type to Bool.

What else could I try?
Apologises if this is a basic question, but I am starting I can’t sort it after reading the docs or searching on the forum.

Much Appreciated.

I think I was checking the wrong tags memory address group from the OPC.

However, the question I have now is it possible to read the raw I/O value from the PLC? That’s where the data was coming as null actually.

Make sure you reset the trial every two hours. Most drivers go to null when trial mode expires.

I have found the issue. The problem was the automatic browser by the Ignition was mapping the OPC Item Path as “ns=1;s=[MicroLogix1400]I:0.1”, and by the PLC memory address it should be “ns=1;s=[MicroLogix1400]I0:0/1”.
Same for the outputs!

Solved :slight_smile: