MicroLogixDriver Socket connection closed; DriverState was Connected

Information as below

  • Ignition Version: 8.1.23
  • Issue: Socket connection closed every 30 minutes
  • PLC: Allen Bradley Micrologix 1400

We did the ping testing at same time, there is no network issue. If expert have any idea, please share your experience with me, Thanks.


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Connection reset is coming from the ML1400 itself, or perhaps from a firewall along the path. Some firewalls don't like long-duration continuous connections. 30 minutes sounds suspiciously like a firewall timeout.

Using wireshark between the PLC and its network switch, and simultaneously between Ignition and its network switch, would provide a definitive answer.

Thank you, I'll try it.

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Hello, did you ever find the cause for this? I am having the exact same issue.

I would start with the same suggestions @pturmel gave. Check if there's a firewall between your Ignition server and PLC. If they're on the same LAN and there are no firewalls at all, then go down the wireshark capture route to analyze what each end of the connection is seeing. You may need to involve Ignition support if nothing comes up with either, but I suspect something will show up, especially if it's very predictable like OP's issue.