Microsoft Access support

I can’t find a JDBC driver for Microsoft Access. Can you include support in FactoryPMI?


There are quite a few commercial JDBC drivers for Microsoft Access. You can find a list of them by searching here: We have used the InfoZoom driver with FactoryPMI with success.

In version 1.5.6, FactoryPMI has a new built-in driver called the JDBC-ODBC bridge driver. This driver lets you connect to an ODBC datasource. Of course, you can set up an ODBC datasource in Windows to point to an Access mdb file, so in version 1.5.6 and greater, you won’t need an external JDBC driver for Access.

Please be aware that Sun does not recommend using the JDBC-ODBC bridge in a production environment. Of course, the same warning applies threefold to using an Access “database” in the first place.