Microsoft Azure REST API - Authorization Rejection due to 'Content-Length'

Hello all,

I have encountered a problem when uploading files to an Azure BLOB Storage Account. More specifically, the ‘Content-Length’ parameter required in the Authorization Header (for the request) is unable to be computed dynamically. I am using the Component Upload component, and calling the event.file.getBytes() method to determine the ‘Content-Length’ parameter. The documentation that I have found indicates that this should in fact be the number needed to authorize the request. However, the Server response is a failure and returns a ‘Content-Length’ that does not match the one provided by Ignitions library method. Additionally, the amount by which they mismatch is not close enough to be a simple error. One troubleshooting thought I had was to try and read a file as bytes using a button event and ensure that the Component Upload is not returning an incorrect length. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what may be causing this issue?


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