Microsoft JScript runtime error

About a week ago, all my clients machines started throwing this error when launching Ignition.

Was there a a Windows 7 update that triggered this? I am not experiencing the problem since I run on Linux.

We are using version 7.5.8


Does it happen when clicking the launch link on the webpage? I can’t think of too many places where “JScript” might come into play. Take a look in the gateway configuration, under Configuration>Gateway Settings. Is the “Launch Link Script Policy” set to “JavaScript”? If so, try “direct”, if not, we’ll have to look elsewhere.


They start their projects by double clicking on the jnlp file.
Of course today, my customer says the problem is not occurring. :unamused: Perhaps IT rolled through a patch?

Launch Link Script Policy was set to JavaScript. I went ahead and changed it to direct.

Maybe I shouldn’t have changed it to direct because it is now back with a vengeance. I changed the Launch Link Policy back to JavaScript and asked them to let me know what happens the rest of the day.

Google seems to have a few hits on this subject. Check out … time-error
and … cally-dete