Microsoft SQL Server historical data logging using ignition

I have a read only connection to Microsoft SQL Server database. We are currently only using the data by displaying it in a table in our ignition project. We are currently using MySQL for our main database and it can not make a connection to SQL Server. How can i create historical data with the information i have? I would like to create some charts and trend the data but can not since i cant store or create history for any of the values.


Can you be more preciseā€¦ you want to chart data coming from SQL Server and/or MySQL in the same Ignition project ? If, so, yes you can.
Give more information and one could give you the right direction to go :wink:

The data we are receiving from SQL server is real time data that we want to store so that we can log it as historical values.

Well, so you could create Query Tag and then add history property for this sqltag. If you have plenty of, then create an udt and instanciate as much as you want.