Microsoft SQLServer Connection Refused from FactoryPMI

When I try to connect to my SQL Server db in Datasources, I get the following error:

Network error IOException: Connection refused: connect

host: ALEX
port: 1433
database: TrainingPants

Connect URL= jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://ALEX:1433/TrainingPants

Also I enter the username and password in their respectives fields.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Typically, Connection Refused: Connect indicates a security setting on the DB. Check that your Client IP address has permissions in addition to the username and password being correct. The easiest way is to connect with another application (Enterprise Manager or FactorySQL) with the same username and password from the same machine.

Are you using Express Edition (free) version of SQL Server 2005? If so, you need to add the following connection string:

‘instance=SQLEXPRESS;’ under “Extra Connection Properties” of the FPMI Gateway datasource connection.

Also, Check your FactoryPMI Gateway Status Page->Datasources. This will give you a more detailed error message (I don’t need the entire JDBC stack trace, though).

More info on the jTDS JDBC driver that FactoryPMI uses here and here