Middle Endian Modbus Configuration

Hi there,

I am trying to implement a Modbus TCP device. But I only get the following error:


I created a OPC Tag with OPC Server “Ignition OPC UA Server” and under OPC Item Path the Device is sourrunded by square brackets. The modbus interface says the variable has the type “REAL” and is an input register and starts at 0 so I use “IRF” and checked zerobased addressing. But no success.

I tried to fetch my data with another third party tool and got the following result:


Is the problem here, that my data shows under “MiddleEndian_BE”? Anybody can help me with the configuration?

Greetings and thanks in advance

The solution was to insert the ID inside the OPC Item Path (which I found in another solution from Kevin.Herron. So I changed it from [Device]IRF0 to [Device]1.IRF0 and it works.