Migrating an Ignition Gateway to Maker

During the presentation, the ease of moving an existing Ignition Gateway to Maker Edition was simplified a bit too much for this initial release. We are working to make it that simple in 8.0.15, but the current steps to migrate are as follows:

  1. Make backup of your existing Ignition gateway and shut it down
  2. Create new install of Ignition specifying Maker Edition and go through the commissioning process. Some things you want to be aware of:
    • We advise renaming the service when using the new installer
    • If you want to use the same install location, you can rename the existing Ignition install folder.
  3. At this point Maker edition should be installed and licensed.
  4. Shutdown Ignition
  5. Open data/ignition.conf and remove line that looks like wrapper.java.additional.4=-Dedition=maker making a copy of the line for a later step.
  6. Start Maker edition version, it will look like standard Ignition at this point
  7. Restore your Gateway backup and let Ignition come all the way up
  8. Shutdown Ignition
  9. Open data/ignition.conf
  10. Add line wrapper.java.additional.4=-Dedition=maker back making sure to adjust the number before the equal symbol to a value that doesn’t already exist and save the file
  11. Start Ignition

When you say adjust the number, should this be the next available sequential number for that specific group of parameters (group: wrapper.java.additional)? I’ve never really understood how these numbers work

@nminchin yes, if there is a collision on the number following wrapper.java.additional the last one in the file will be used so Garths point was to just make sure the edition flag doesn’t collide with an existing “additional” arg.

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Hi, is there any difference in the newer stable releases or is this still the only way to do the gateway conversion?

As of 8.0.15 you can restore backups from different editions (Ignition/Edge) to Maker edition.