Migrating from FT Historian and Vantage Point to Ignition

Looking ignition to replace FT Historian and vantage point client. We are looking replicate tools in Vantage point in Ignition. One that is not clear is showing multiple time frames on single trend for the same tag. below image showing example. the faint lines on the image are is the timeframe #2

I don’t think the multiple time frame is possible at least not with the easy chart component as it stands. There is an extension function that exposes the JFree chart and maybe you can do something with it but that gets into the weeds of Java programming and I have very little experience with it.

Certainly possible though it is in the territory of non-trivial. Can be done with either the standard chart component or the easy chart component in vision, though you would have to look into the JFreeChart component fairly heavily.

Perspective is a different beast, I suspect that with enough effort it could be done, but I don’t have enough experience to speak intelligently about it.

I’ll have to think about how this could be done (in my NoteChart module). It obviously requires a transform on the timestamps per pen. I don’t think there’s any way to modify axis data processing from the available jython extension methods.

If the duration of each time frame is the same, the query that gets the data could offset the timestamp on the second set of data by the difference between the start time of each time frame.

Tag historian pens do all their querying under the hood–no opportunity to offset.

details…They will always get you. I figured if it was a simple answer you would have already provided it.

Thanks guys for your input, I’m going to try a few things on my side and let you how I go