Migrating Ignition Gateway Linux to Windows

Hi, wondering if anyone has had experience with this, any gotchas? My thought is that this would be seamless but asking the group anyway!

We're considering migrating some headless linux VM's running our Ignition gateways to Windows VM's, is it as simple as I think it might be?

  1. Backup
  2. Restore

Thanks guys.

Only issues I've had migrating is windows defender blocking some ports like gateway or database connections.

Other issues will be basic stuff like the path you schedule automatic backups and that kind of thing.

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It should be pretty seamless. Outside of the dubious reasons for going to Windows, of course.


Audit your ignition.conf file for directory paths to be reformatted.

But, like Jordan, I consider this to be dubious at best. Relying on MS Windows for critical production systems fits my definition of engineering malpractice.

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Great, thanks all!

What do the Linux folks do when they need OPC drivers that are only available in Windows flavours? We've got Kepware's CoDeSys OPC UA and B+R, for example.

In this instance I run a separate Kepware Windows VM.. this would normally augment the linux vm's

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Ditto. Although I've not had issues using Codesys OPC-UA with Ignition.

Also, Thingworx Edge can supposedly run on Linux. I've not tried it though.

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Kepware for the short-term. Then start writing a driver.

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