Migrating RSSQL to Ignition using stored procedures

I am having issues migrating RSSQL to Ignition, my problem is with the stored procedures in MSSQL were set up so that they use the return values in the transactions to tell the PLC all data was received and continue with next transaction, so RSSQL was set up to read in the return value to the PLC and when I do the same in Ignition it errors with index 0 is out of range, if I take return value out of the parameters it will execute fine but the PLC doesn’t get a return value and halts the sequence at that step. So why is it that the return value shows up in the drop down parameter list but if you use it the transaction will error?
AND the reason we need this is because we are downloading A LOT of data to the PLC in about 10 secs I could change the PLC code and the stored procedure (would take time)but I want to be able to turn on Ignition and turn off RSSQL with minimal downtime to the machines.

Any thoughts?

Update , when you want the return value to come back from the stored procedure do not pick return value in the outputs column instead edit the tag and in the write back section ‘bind to value’ pull down menu select ‘procedure return value’ , a little bit confusing but it is different…