Migrating WonderWare Graphics To Ignition

Is it possible to import or otherwise programmatically convert WonderWare screens to Ignition? We are migrating four WW v7 projects (15+ screens each) into a single Ignition server system. Some clean up would be expected.
Mahalo in advance.

No automated tool to do this exists, to my knowledge. The general recommendation is to take a bit of time to understand the things Ignition offers to make development easier (e.g templates in Vision, UDTs) and recreate from scratch.

Thank you Mr. Griffith! I'll have to look up those options.
Can Ignition import/convert from an HTML? (I recall a post somewhere that Aveva had a tool to convert WW screens to HTML for Aveva importing.)

No. You'll want to recreate taking advantage of Ignition's features as @PGriffith noted above. Once I've built the standard templates (or Perspective views) and UDTs we use for devices, controls, etc, the rest goes quickly. And you can improve on those standard parts later to improve everything at once if you do them in one project inherited by all projects.

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One thing you CAN do is write a parser to parse a Wonderware tag dump and create the Ignition tags.
The dump files are just CSV.

Would you really want to do this though? I mean, I haven't used Ww before, but if it doesn't do folder structures and udts, this would be ugly. Certainly, I would use a tag export from we to create tags, but I would be heavily editing it to extract the UDT instance names and their folder paths, not using it as it was exported.

In general, automatic conversion tools will never do a good job. It's simply not possible, there are too many nuances.

If you are creative enough you pull the tag dump into a power table.
Then you can have buttons below the table to create any kind of tag from the selected row(s)
That, combined with an L5K/L5X parser you can have 99% of your tags done on a conversion project in a few hours.