Migration from FactoryTalk to Ignition

Hi there,
I have PlanPAx system with FactoryTalk as HMI, since both are RA products, lots of controller parameter can be imported to HMI faceplate and easy to use, If I replace the FacoryTalk with Igintion, I will lose this functionality, anybody done this before or anyway to make similar faceplate in Ignition to pull data from controller and also send data like alarm set points, etc.
I just want to have same data connectivity with current faceplate with Ignition version of it.

There's this, which can help, but...

The reality is you will not get an equivalent experience. Rockwell does not make many of the parameters / alarms / etc available to 3rd parties (anything you're accessing with @whatever syntax on the end of the tag), and the performance when using AOIs in general with our driver is pretty bad because Rockwell also does not document how 3rd parties can safely interpret AOIs, and the PlantPAX AOIs are huge.

@pturmel has an EtherNet/IP driver that performs better with AOIs, but that's only part of the problem.

Best bet might be to migrate half way - use FactoryTalk as the OPC server, use Ignition + Flintium faceplates as HMI.

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Ignition has a lot more functionality compared to FactoryTalk. There will be a learning curve though.

I'm working on a project that is using a PlantPax variant (using Emerson - yeah yuck :slight_smile: ).

Once you get familiar with Ignition you will hate using FT.

Ditch the bloated system and start over?

A small price to pay IMHO, for the functionality, speed, and stability you gain.

I am currently in the process of upgrading from FT to Ignition at my facility. Couldn't be happier with the choice.