Min Time Between Samples

Hello, does anyone know if I can change the min time between samples to 0.0001 milisenconds in one change at the history?, or change it from a script

That is 100 nanoseconds, no you cannot enter that value. Even if you could, actually achieving that is a another issue.

Thanks, because the time of saving in my table is slow, and the database is could not take every value.

So the Min is 1 second? if I choose seconds, rigth?
Because I was trying with 0.001 s

The lowest you can set min time to be 1 millisecond. Your actual results may vary, you may not be able to achieve that speed.

Please describe what you are trying to achieve. Note that reliably recording samples at intervals much less than ~50ms requires some careful attention to java garbage collection and often requires PLC code to “package” multiple samples per handshake.

The first thing to look at is the average response time for your OPC driver to handle a single message.