Minimum Client Height? Can't get any lower than 103?

I’m trying to make a client open at a size of 800x70 but can’t seem to be able to get the designer to accept any value lower than 103?

After opening the client, I can manually resize to the height I want just fine, but want it to automatically open at that height. Am I missing something?

Under project properties - Client - Launching - Java Web Start Properties - I have the Width set at 800 and the height is set at 103. This is where the height will not accept a value lower than 103? I enter a lower value and when I press APPLY, it reverts back to 103.

Under user interface I have the minumum size set to 700x25

Hidding Menubar and Hiding Windows Menu.

Also is there a way to open in a windowed mode while also hiding the window title bar at the top of the client window?

Using 7.5.3

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If I could get the Titlebar to disappear, the size would be just about right eventhough it’s set to 103 for height.

Under the Windows - Main Window - Properties…

I have tried various options such as:

Closeable - False
Maximizable - False
Start Maximized - False

Border Display Policy - Never
Title Display Policy - Never

The Dock Position is set to floating if that makes a difference?

Do these settings effect the main “Windows” project window? The project still shows the X to close the window, is still able to be maximized. Still shows the border and still shows the Titlebar?


What you want is the ‘Hide Menu Bar’ option. It’s under Project -> Properties -> Client User Interface. That’ll hide the menu on the main project’s window.