MiR AMR Modbus TCP Addressing

Has anyone had experience with correctly addressing a MiR robot? I have it connected via the Modbus TCP driver and can read all of the diagnostic tags. I have enabled Modbus in the MiR setup. There are registers (bools) for missions, and PLC holding register for Ints and Floats. There is some documentation of the addressing, but so far I have not yet figured out the correct addressing setup. Any recommendations?

Create an OPC tag in Ignition. Try addresses like:

  • [DeviceName]HR1
  • [DeviceName]HRF101
  • [DeviceName]C1
  • [DeviceName]1.HR1
  • [DeviceName]1.HRF101
  • [DeviceName]1.C1

I'm getting some information with almost any of those configurations, but it doesn't seem to be the correct information.

Ideally, I'm wanting to get all of the addressing set up then derive tags from it. (I've just been checking via the OPC Quick Client after making addressing/setup changes) So far, no configuration of addressing, start/end, step, type, or ID have gave me correct information.

When providing a Modbus address to Ignition, you must omit the type prefix digit ('0' for coils, '1' for digital inputs, '3' for analog inputs, and '4' for holding registers), whether you are using the mappings or directly entering OPC item paths with IA's syntax.

In other words, typical register address 41001 => IA HR1001 and so forth. This is necessary in part because the underlying protocol supports a 16bit offset, which means the prefix could be followed by five digits in some cases instead of four.

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Got it, Thank you. That works great when configuring the OPC tag.

I've still had not success setting up the address configurations. Any ideas on that?

I don't use them. But then, I have my own Modbus module that makes addresses browsable without mappings. (:

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Use the information from the successfully addressed OPC Tags to guide you.

Or, better, just don't use the address mapping. It's a pointless extra layer of confusion. Just make all the OPC tags you need.

Bud, this just saved me hours of heartache!

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