Mircologix 1400

I have 13 Micrologix 1400 PLC connected to Ignition via Ewon VPN using GSM SIM.
They are Series B PLCs.
We have added external antenna but still there is a few that keep dropping out and Ignition showing connecting determining protocol/disconnecting protocol. They do connect for while then drop out again.
connection path is set to 1,0
timeout at 120000
browse cache at 240000

Ewon VPN is staying connected and I can get online to Ewon see its settings

Any other things to look at please

We don’t have this exact setup, but we do use a lot of VPN Tunnels with the Multitech Modem’s.

In the beginning we also experienced drop outs, but after talking with Multitech they recommended that we setup a “Keep Alive” protocol in the modem.

This is done buy telling the modem to "Ping www.google.com (we chose google.com because they have the best up time of any) every 30 minutes and there must be 8 successful replys or the modem will automatically reboot and make a FRESH connection.

Since we made these changes we have NOT had any problems since and this has been at least 18 months ago.

Just an Idea!!

Thanks dcamp. Will investigate similar but the Ewon VPN is already set at “maintained connection” but still having drop outs.

I’d be curious to see if you experienced a similar connection issue using KepServerEX