Misaligned client

We have an application with more than 10 client, after the upgrade from 7.9.1 to 7.9.8 we have noticed a serious problem.
Randomly some client shows a different value respect the real status of the component, for example some client show a valve state (open) while other clients show a different
valve state (close) and the real state of the valve is closed.
The only way to detect the problem is the comparison between clients or visual inspection of the component. In the binding options the property overlay OPT is not selected.
In the client log there aren’t error about this issue.
what could be the problem?
Any idea about to proceed to debugging?

Do you have this problem while the screen is open? Or do you see the wrong state when opening the screen (or popup)?

7.9.8 indeed had some annoying bugs with different kind of bindings for us. It seems to be better with 7.9.9, though it’s quite hard to check as we never found a reliable way to reproduce the problems.

We have this problem both in main window and popup.Usually it’s necessary close and restart application to resync client

this morning, we had same problem with version 7.9.9, in this case client was very slow in any action , such as change page or write a value.