Missing API Jar Files

I am building a module and trying to upgrade the version of the SDK that I am compiling against to match what I currently have deployed out in the field. Moving my SDK version up to 8.1.17, I get an error saying that "the following artifacts could not be resolved". The list of the artifacts missing includes "ignition-common", "gateway-api", and more. Browsing the artifact repository, I do see a 8.1.17-rc1 but would prefer to actually use the full release files.

I know there was a similar issue back in October with Perspective. Is there any way to get the 8.1.17 republished? Tagging @KathyApplebaum @PerryAJ since you got it working last time.

In the short term (I can't help with the artifact release process), why not just compile your module against 8.1.16? I don't think there's any significant changes that will impact you between the two.

I am trying to import the following.

It does not exist in 8.1.16 but it exists in 8.1.18 and Im really really hoping it exists in 8.1.17.

Unfortunately it does not; it was part of 8.1.18.

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Well thats not good news for me then. Those upgrades are going to be a lot of fun then.

Is there documentation on how to do a project resource editor before 8.1.18 then?

The core APIs for a project resource editor are still basically the same. The ExtensionFunctionPanel piece is only needed if you want to provide a (good) script editing experience for your end users. If you just want to provide some other type of editor, you absolutely still can. If you do specifically need scripting, and you're stuck on 8.1.17, you can look at the CodeEditorFactory class for the now legacy Jidesoft based CodeEditors that used to be used in the software.