Missing ControlLogix driver for existing devices

We have a Ignition 7.9 environment that we have yet to upgrade. A couple of days ago, we had a server crash and we had to install a backup from the previous night. When it came back up, I found many unlinked tags in my project. They are all referencing a device that is no longer showing up in the device configuration (it is a v13 ControlLogix processor). I created a new device (with a new name), using the newer "Allen-Bradley Logix Driver" and I can connect fine. The problem is, it won't let me use the same device name ... Ignition thinks I am using a duplicate name. So, I assigned a removeDevice function to a button on a test screen to try and remove the old "invisible" device, but I get an error that "Driver 'ControlLogix' doesn't exit"

How can I either recover my old device or remove it? It would be a lot of work to re-map the tags to a new device!


Did you already open a ticket with support and provide a backup? The device can probably be removed from the internal DB manually if that's the issue.

You should not try to use the newer Logix driver in place of the "legacy" driver with v13 firmware unless that's already what was being used. The tag paths will not all match up and the performance will be significantly worse.

Yeah, I understand that. I was merely running a test to make sure I could still connect to the physical device.
In the meantime, I decided to try rebooting the Allen-Bradley Driver (under Modules). It took awhile to complete but when it finished, the missing devices showed back up.

So, problem solved (for now).