Missing Data from Transaction Group Queries

Hey folks,

I’ve got a bit of a quandary here.

Working on a site with a series of transaction groups for logging and pruning historical data on tanks. Effectively we have a table with the current status of all tanks in the facility that is constantly updated.

From here, there is a transaction group that runs every 10 minutes with a triggered expression that copies the “current status” table above and inserts that data into a “historical table”. Should be roughly 200 rows every 10 minutes.

We’re seeing 5-15 missing entries (an entry being 200 rows) over the course of the month, but I have no indication of what is causing the failure.

Is there a better way to execute these queries? Is this better served in a scripting block? Are there other changes we could implement to increase reliability?

Many thanks.

Is the transaction group set to automatically delete rows? That works asyncronously from the group.

I’d say scripting the transfer and purge wqould be the way to go.

So in this specific instance, the data being fed into the “current status” table is an update query. I misspoke, there is no pruning of the table occurring here, and delete records is not checked.

We have another table (unrelated to this one) that copies / prunes data via a series of queries in transaction group triggered expressions. I suspect the copy and prune are not occurring in the same order consistently, leading to the missing data, but I can’t be sure.

I’ll try moving the function to a gateway script and see if performance improves.

Thanks, Jordan.