Missing data record in Alarm Status Table and Schedule Save File

Hi Everyone,

  1. I have faced the problem of missing data record in Alarm Status Table. I got a alarm triggered at 10 May 2022 and this record can be found in my alarm_events database but cannot be found in Alarm Status Table.

First Image above show one of the alarm triggered record in Alarm events database but this record cant be found in the Alarm Status Table. From the second image can see that there is only one data record for 10 May 2022. May I know what to do with this issues ?

  1. Another question from me is why my report that save by Schedule function in report modules will have the problem of missing data which some of the report that saved will be totally black as the image shown below. These issues will happen randomly.

Hope to get the help from you all. Thanks

For your first problem, based on the screenshot you shared, perhaps the alarm is being filtered out because of the priority or state of the event under Alarm status table’s “Filters” property.

For your second problem, I suspect that there may be a misconfiguration of your report’s data source that is resulting in your report data occasionally showing as blank on your report, but I would need to take a closer look at your report’s data source configuration.

If you are still having trouble isolating the issue, I recommend opening a support ticket, so a support rep can take closer look at your project. Inductive Automation Support