Missing details in error/warning messages in Gateway Log after upgrading from 8.0.16 to 8.1.10

We just upgraded a client to 8.1.10 from 8.0.16.
The system uses a lot of scripting so we have Views that call Project Library script function (which call others…). I’ve noticed that when there is an error (e.t. due to my fat-fingers) I am no longer getting as much detailed information in the log. Previously I’d get information that pointed me through the various scripts and the line number in those scripts that tracked to the ultimate source of the issue. Now I’m only getting information like the following:

Error running main/vacuum_seal@C/root.onMessageReceived(self, payload): UnboundLocalError: local variable 'partsMatch' referenced before assignment

It only references the calling function (in this case a message handler in the View) but does reference the variable (‘partsMatch’) which is in the end of the line script where the error is.

What has happened to the extra detail in the messages?
Is there a way to turn this back on?


This is a bug that should be fixed in an upcoming release.

edit: looks like it’s already available in the nightly builds.

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Is that in 8.10.11 or an as yet to be released version?
Any big hitter bug fixes or features I can use to sell the client on another upgrade so soon?

It’s going to be in the 8.1.12 release. You can check the change logs for 8.1.11 and 8.1.12 when it comes out to see if anything fixed or implemented matters to you.