Missing historian on ignition edge

I am trying to setup historian on an ignition edge gateway but I do not see the historian tab under configuration. Why am I missing this? I have 8.1.21 installed

Do you have the Sync Services plugin?

Edge is cheaper for a reason, the main reason being it does not work with any databases. You are limited to 7 days internal storage.

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The system is Ignition Edge Panel with Compute module. Is the plugin free? Do I need this in order to get access to the historian? I am looking to store data locally for a day and create a daily file with values in csv form.

Ah, I think based on your requirements you might be fine? I'm honestly not sure how all the restrictions for Edge work at the moment.

If you use system.tag.queryTagHistory in the script console, can you get access to history?
I don't think you get any ability to configure the builtin historian, but it may still be there.

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I'm trying to set up a chart from embedded historian on ignition edge, but i have database connection error in runtime. In designer everything looks good, any idea?

That's very strange, as Edge doesn't allow database connections. Normally I'd have you look at legacy DB permissions in the project settings...

Look in your runtime client's diagnostics console for any logged errors that look relevant.

Is that mean on edge you can't show any charts? So for what there are one week of data acquisition?
In edge u can only change name of historian, nothing more.

Edge can use "Tag Pens" to display history charts from its internal historian. It cannot use "DB Pens" to display arbitrary data from a database.

You probably should have IA support look over your shoulder to investigate why you have a database error overlay in Edge.

Incorrect. Edge absolutely can plot charts with tags that have history enabled.

Might be a bit of a misnomer in Edge just. Check it (OP).


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thanks a lot, I found also permission error in log.

Nie ma problemu (sorry if that's not right, guessing just based on your name)

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I just want to add to this post for the next person with the same problem:

It worked after I added Tag History permissions.