Missing historian on ignition edge

I am trying to setup historian on an ignition edge gateway but I do not see the historian tab under configuration. Why am I missing this? I have 8.1.21 installed

Do you have the Sync Services plugin?

Edge is cheaper for a reason, the main reason being it does not work with any databases. You are limited to 7 days internal storage.

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The system is Ignition Edge Panel with Compute module. Is the plugin free? Do I need this in order to get access to the historian? I am looking to store data locally for a day and create a daily file with values in csv form.

Ah, I think based on your requirements you might be fine? I'm honestly not sure how all the restrictions for Edge work at the moment.

If you use system.tag.queryTagHistory in the script console, can you get access to history?
I don't think you get any ability to configure the builtin historian, but it may still be there.

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