Missing Link about Java Naming conventions

Have been going through Ignition SDK Developer Guide. On this page - Key Design Concepts - Ignition SDK Programmer's Guide - Ignition Documentation underneath Style and Naming Conventions the link to Java Programming Language is a dead one. Just letting someone know.

Revised April 20, 1999

We probably should just take down the 'SDK Guide', I doubt much of the information there is very useful anymore.

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Oh man you say that after I took notes on most of it today :frowning:

At least the maven stuff still seems directly applicable.

Well, scanning through the linked page ~half of it is still applicable, so I guess I’m overly pessimistic. It’s hard to separate the good from the bad without already knowing which is which, though.

Gotcha. I guess right now the best thing to do for myself is to learn Swing and go from there. Thanks