Missing OPC HDA Tag History in Perspective

Hi Everyone
I have a OPC HDA Tag Historian Provider connected to OSI PI
In vision i can browse to all the tags under the Tag History binding.
But in perspective the browse tags only shows my configured realtime tags.
Is there a similar functionality in perspective when using a OPC HDA tag history provider?

There’s no historical browse functionality built into Perspective (yet, it’s on the shortlist) but you can copy and paste a ‘fully qualified’ path from Vision into Perspective and it should work.

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Thanks for the reply.
I couldn’t get it to work with a fully qualified path in the tag history tab.
I ended up using a system.tag.queryTagHistory expression with the full qualified path and that did the trick.

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Running into this same problem, trying to make a Time Series Chart using historical tags coming though HDA. I’ve tried copying and pasting the fully qualified tag path under Binding Type > Tag History > Select Tags > Expression and no dice.

I’ve also tried using system.tag.queryTagHistory under Binding Type > Expression but that appears to me to pull a dataset when it is expecting an array.

Hi John,
You can bind a dataset to the series, 0, data field and it works.

I guess now I am confused about how you used system.tag.queryTagHistory which is a scripting function to work as an expression function. In the scripting console I can use system.tag.queryTagHistory to get the dataset I want to display on the chart but when I get to the chart> series>binding type> expression it won’t work as it is a scripting function.

Try using a script transformation.

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Does the new 8.1 release address this?

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No, not yet.