Missing OPC Server Option

I have connected my Modbus gateway but when i try to add a new tag the OPC server option does not appear in the drop down. How can i make this happen.

Have you disabled or deleted Ignition's loopback connection to itself?

While Ignition is an OPC server hosting drivers like the one you show, the rest of Ignition (mostly) talks to the OPC server through Ignition's default OPC client connection to itself.

Not that i know of. Where would i find that ?
Im new to using Ignition.

Also nothing appears in the quick client


Go to Config -> OPC -> OPC Connections. Check that the Ignition OPC UA Server connection isn't disabled / deleted. If you need to recreate it, use the information here:

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Thanks Kurt. I had to reinstall Ignition in the end. Once i did that everything worked.