Missing perspective session properties

Hi guys. I would really appreciate help with following issue...

We have a project that have been working fine on our DEV server. For testing purposes, we had made an Gateway export of it and imported it into new instance.
When we first time open it, in designer, it looks and works fine. Then we performe a Gateway restart. Next time we open it in designer, all session properties are missing. When we try to close designer, it won't close emediatelly, but it takes long time. After it finally "closes", we can find a log entry saying: Unexpected problem while waiting for all sessions to shut down.
Another restart won't help, projects acts and looks same. Re-Importing projects does the same, it won't help at all. Only what we can do in this stage is to restore Gateway and start over, but after importing the project again, it all starts over.

We have tested this on 8.1.16, 8.1.17, 8.1.17, 8.1.22, 8.1.23. On VMWare Win10 64x Guest running Ignition and with Docker.

We are using few custom session properties in the project. Four of them are bind to scripts within project script library. After TON of hours of investigation I was able to identify, that one of these bindings is causing it all. When I disable it after first import, then project works normally even after Gateway restart. Of course without the binding beeing enalbed. The scricpt to which the property is bind to, works without an issue. At least it works on our DEV server, works when I test it through console and works for the binding after first openning of designer (after importing the project). The script itself returns a menu structure.
This all works and acts normal on our DEV server where project has been developed.

I am desperate... please help

You probably need to contact support.

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