Missing section in Manual

The Ignition manual makes several references about seeing the “Reporting Section” for further details. The trouble is that I cannot find any "Reporting section in the manual at all :scratch:

Yes, you’re right, we haven’t transposed the classic Reporting Plugin’s user manual into Ignition’s user manual yet. This will happen shortly. In the meantime - the concepts of using the Reporting module’s components haven’t changed and you can review them in the classic manual.

Thanks for the link to the Manual Carl. I have dowloaded the Off-line (PDF) version & have started to use the deport designer. A couple of things I have noted already are:
1.) You Can’t Put text Headings on a Crosstab report (unless there is some trick that I have missed)
2.) There is no way of selecting Multiple “cells” in a crosstab and adjust the Height/Width/Alignment as a group.
3.) the report designer “lost the plot” (i.e. wasn’t automatically redrawing the options when selected without having to “click a second time” on the items - sorry that the description is a bit murky, it was a general problem that included not drawing the sizing handles on Cells too.) Exiting the report designer & restarting it did not correct this. Only a complete exit from the ignition Designer & restart corrected it.

Thanks for the feedback. The Reporting Module is going to get a pretty serious overhaul for version 2, probably sometime near the end of the year.


(Has the report section been “revisited seriously” yet? :confused: )

Well, the manual got merged in for 7.5, but no new reporting module as of yet. Still on the to-do list though!