Missing tag change?

Stuck with an issue that that could be related to a multitude of things, so was looking for some insight in my inexperience.

I have an event script set to run when a Boolean tag changes value (indicating quality test pass/finished product) that updates SQL table.

We have noticed certain ‘random’ periods (usually between 5 - 15 minutes) when nothing is written to the SQL table, though our old source (Labview setup) and line personnel report finished product at those times.

Also, the person who started this specific program mentioned a while back before he left about an issue he was having with the PLC tag change being ‘missed’, so he created tag groups to run faster?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Also also, I checked the Logs and there was nothing related to this project.

You’ll have to share more specifics. How fast is fast? How is the “done” bit acknowledged then reset?

I always prefer to use an integer for things like you described. I think it’s better than a discrete tag.

How often does the tag change?