Missing tags in powerchart

Hello folks,

I’m having an issue where not all tags are available in the powerchart browser. Actually, a full folder is missing. I have to say I’m not super comfortable with all this, so my bet is there is a misconfiguration somewhere.

Here’s a quick overview what I think is relevant:
I have 2 ignition projects, A and B, on 2 gateways.
A uses B as a remote tag provider
Databases are on A.

The powerchart on B has access to 2 folders, as it should:

A, on the other hand, only sees the first one:

Any idea where I can look to fix this ?

Bonus question:
How can I prevent users from accessing data from another project that’s on the same server by modifying the tagpath in the powerchart edit panel ?
I’d be okay with completely removing that panel, but couldn’t find a way to do this.

Thanks in advance, have a wonderful day !