Missing titled border for container

I added a container to my window and noticed that the titled border option did not show up under border properties. I then went to an existing window that had a container with a titled border and the option showed a titled border but I could not edit the text. If I select another border I cannot go back to the titled.

I am using 3.3.0

I’m using 3.3.1 and see the same. However, there is a button to the right of the Border dropdown list that launches the Border Chooser - the second tab on this dialog allows you to select from a variety of titled border styles.

Hopefully this will let you keep going. Maybe there should be a ‘Titled Border’ option in the dropdown that gives you a default setup before allowing you to edit it.


I just looked and that is missing also … But wait, here it is!!! I had the left pane too small and it covered the button. If you move the left pane just right the dropdown arrow looks as though it does not have any other features. I guess out of sight, out of mind is really true.

Thank you!!