MissingResourceException, Unable to find Property


I am having trouble implementing my .properties file.

I have thus far successfully been able to add the bundle to my GatewayHook, and the gateway shows my config panel on the side bar. However, when I click it, I get the following error in the gateway logs:

Caused by: java.util.MissingResourceException: Unable to find property: 'Teams.PageTitle' for component: config-contents:main-title [class=com.inductiveautomation.ignition.gateway.web.components.ConfigPanel$2]. Locale: null, style: null

at org.apache.wicket.Localizer.getString(Localizer.java:237)

I am sure I am incorrectly configuring the .properties file in some way, but I have tried several different solutions (moving the file to the same directory as the GatewayHook, placing it in a ‘resources’ directory that mirrors the ‘java’ directory structure)

Some of my code for reference:

BundleUtil.get().addBundle("Teams", getClass(), "Teams");
protected String getTitleKey() {
    return "Teams.PageTitle";

Any help is greatly appreciated

Have you verified that the properties file ends up in your built module?

Is the key in the properties file just PageTitle?

Thank you for your reply!

Here are entries from my properties file:


Interestingly, the gateway shows the MenuTitle and APITokenName in the sidebar, which tells me my properties file is loaded and being read. But as you can see from the above error, when I click the config panel, it cannot read other values.