Mission Critical Master Backup Versions

I need to replace a backup Ignition PC in a Mission Critical configuration next week. The job site is out of town and in a plant with no cell reception or outside contractor internet. Both PCs at the site are V7.2.X.

My question is, must the .X version numbers match or as long as the new backup PC is not V7.3 I am ok?
I am taking the lastest versions of V7.2 and V7.3 with me to the job site.

My experience has been that you can upgrade to the latest in the 7.2 line with no problem. When you jump to 7.3 you need a new license.

Both the master and the backup must have the same version, down to the X. To just replace one, you’d want to get the installer for the particular version that’s currently running. Otherwise, you’ll need to update both to be the latest (probably 7.2).

If you have any difficulties, make sure that both nodes also have the same modules installed. I say this just because if by some accident you change the modules on the master, the backup won’t connect correctly (this is something we’re working on improving). It’s not something to be too worried about, but if you have to, just copy the modules directory from the master over to the backup.


just found that out today. Had V7.2.11 with me put on the backup node and the master was V7.2.8 and had to upgrade.