Mitsubishi Beta - What hardware are you using?

What Mitsubishi devices are you using for testing?

iQ-R and iQ-F use Frame4E
Q and L use Frame3E

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None, myself. (As noted in my comment on the announcement.) One of my clients has a bunch of older stuff. I think they are waiting for the model coverage to expand.

The only older gen being considered is MELSEC-F via the available ENET module.

Q and L are already the older ones compared to the iQ-R and iQ-F.

Interesting, I have an FX3U (I think) at one site. It has an ADP card right now, but an ENET would be cheaper than a RedLion DataStation. Potential timeline?

Not sure yet. Not considering it for the initial release. We have the hardware to test already, though. It’s just not clearly documented what the comm frame looks like so we need to do some experimenting.

Interestingly enough, the company I work for is owned by Mitsubishi and we don't use any of their hardware.

Supposedly they offered when they fully took over and the ot manager refused preferring to stay with current brand (Allen Bradley)

Does an FX3G fall into the same "Not sure yet" timeline?

All of the FX3 (MELSEC-F) series are "later" and only if you'll have an FX3U-ENET module (or if it has an embedded ethernet port, looks like FX3GE might have one already).

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Series FX3G-60M.

Testing with a FX5U and Q030UDECPU right now. It's a shame that the FX3s use the 1E frame, we did give the FX3GE, ADP and ENET modules a quick go but no luck.

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We should be able to do some testing next week on all the hardware currently supported.

@christianrauh - that would be amazing! I'd love to hear how it goes.

Hi Kevin,
Any updates on FX3 (MELSEC) series yet? I would love to hear more about it.

MELSEC-F is available in the nightly releases as of ~2 weeks ago: Nightly 8.1 Changelogs - 2023 - #103 by system

Should be available in 8.1.31 final release. It does require the previously mentioned ENET module.

Thank you for the update.