Mitsubishi Driver Configure Station Number

Hello Team,

Here's my current architecture.

My current architecture has a main PLC which is connected to Ignition and sub plc(machine level) that are connected to my Main PLC which are referenced by station number.

My SCADA is connected to Main PLC using MX OPC to collect all the data but in my MX OPC device configuration, we have an option/feature to mention/add "station number" to communicate with machine level PLC's.

I was testing Mitsubishi driver in ignition today to replace MX OPC but in ignition Mitsubishi drivers configuration, i don't see an option/feature to mention station number to communicate with local PLCs...with the current driver configuration, i can only communicate with Main PLC.

Do you guys think/suggest that we should have an option in ignition Mitsubishi drivers to add a station number ?

any feedback would be greatly appreciated here. Thanks!

  1. MX OPC Device configuration settings

  1. Ignition Mitsubishi driver configuration

This is certainly a configuration setting we can add. We didn't (and still don't) have any hardware set up in this configuration to test, so it was omitted from the initial release requirements.

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Thanks for your response Kevin! are you guys planning on adding this feature in the upcoming release ?

This is an interesting use case, one that harks back to the early days of CC-Link (pre-Ethernet). We don't see it often in new designs in Australia, but still valid. Be interesting to know if many others are still doing this.

Can I assume that you only have the CPU Ethernet on the Q03-UDE and no QJ71E71-100 on the rack so can't get a direct connection to the CPU easily?