Mitsubishi PLC and ignition values mismatch


Please help to solve this:

The application is that the values are getting transferred from ignition to Mitsubishi PLC.
An array of 100 float values starting from HRF8401 are transferred to PLC.

But if the float value HRF8401 is 1.2. in ignition.
The same value in Mitsubishi PLC = 1.972504 is displayed.The image of which is attached.
Datatype is float 4 for OPC tags.

Why are those values different? What can be done to nullify this difference?


Looking at your table

D8401 is 1.1972504, not 1.972504.

Ignition or the OPC (MXOPC?) has rounded 1.197 to 1.2

Check any rounding in the OPC or in Ignition, check the float display format.

[quote=“Chris Taylor”]
Check any rounding in the OPC or in Ignition, check the float display format.[/quote]


The default format string is ‘#,##0.##’. Each hash will only display a digit if it it non-zero. (EDIT: This is for leading and trailing zeroes)

So, for 1.1972504 it rounds to 2 places: 1.20
But, since it’s a hash on the end, it removes the trailing zero: 1.2

Try something like ‘#,##0.0000’ to display a fixed number of digits, or ‘#,##0.#####’ to display more digits, bit with no trailing zeroes.

The actual value is 1.2
Value in PLC is correct only that the bytes are read in reverse order.
If check in IEEE 754 format for 1.2 and 1.197254

Got the solution…
Just by checking Reverse word order option and unchecking Zero bit addressing in Device configuration.