Mixed datasets in chart on a report

I’m trying to include history tags and data from a custom sql table on the same chart in a report.

I can do this easily on the Easy Chart (hence the name) using Tag History Pens and Database Pens.

I don’t see how to accomplish this using the reports chart.

Thanks for any help.

Did you ever get an answer to this question? I have the same need.

No, I did not. I built a less elegant report.

You would have to merge the two different datasets into one using the script data source option.

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Travis Cox suggested what Phil did but he also gave me another suggestion which worked out nice:

“You can overlay one chart onto another. So your report can have 2 charts. You will have to do the following to the chart on top to make it work correctly:”

  1. Set the plot background to transparent (property on the chart)
  2. Don’t show the legend (property on the chart)
  3. Don’t show the x-axis (property on the chart)
  4. Don’t show the y-axis (set the axis to hidden on the position when editing the axis)
  5. Make sure the plot itself matches in size to the background one. You can adjust it so the lines match.
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