Mixing normal full screen windows and docked windos

my application is based on the blank project template. To implement a plant setup section I would like to switch to a tabbed navigation, with a west docked window with the tab control and a north docked window with some headers. Is it possible to navigate to this tabbed navigation section, use that section (i.e. navigate through the different setup windows) and then go back to the simple full screen windows with the normal system.nav.goBack commands? I tried already to do something: the first step to go to the tabbed navigation section is to open three windows with a button click (one window with a swapTo command and the other with the openWindow command. The problem is when I try to go back to the full screen windows from this situation.

Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance
regards and happy new year

I am having a very similar issue - When I go back to a full screen main window then back to a window that calls for the north docked window, it either doesn’t appear, or pushed everything lower as if the previously docked window was still there.