Mnemonics - are they dead in Ignition Vision?

Cause mine don't work. I've used this in the past (not that users do) and they are pretty standard in their implementation. However, mine are dead, is there some obscure trick to reviving them in ignition vision?

Client key events (project level, not component level), perhaps?

If they don't work in vision, I will just get rid of them. I mean who doesn't use a mouse for navigation and it's a very simple application. Not looking for work just want to implement a standard looking interface as I know it to be. TY

Mnemonics on the menubar are certainly expected to work. I think there was a period where they were broken on some OS - what version of Ignition are you using?

I'm in a later version 8.1.28. I figured it out Phil nailed it. Simply use the Client Event, KeyStrokes and voila, insert some code to open the window and I'm in biddness.

Mucho Gratitude for the assistance.