Mobil App Does Not Work on Redundancy Fail-over

We recently set up the Ignition Redundancy feature. When we tested, all clients work except the Mobil apps (barcode scanner). IA indicated that the Mobil app actually runs on the Gateway server so when we lose connection, it does not failover to the Backup server. Does anyone know if Redundancy supported to use an NLB (network load balancer) to manage automatic failover for both the mobile and other clients? Sometimes applications do not support this due to session reliability configurations of the applications themselves.

For instance, we would have a common DNS name (i.e. MainPlant). We would set up the load balancer to include both primary and redundant servers. It would be configured to use the primary server 100% of the time unless it can’t be reached. Then the sessions are directed over to the redundant server until the primary server returns to service.